We are a firm made up by entrepreneurs of the agro-industrial sector who own palm plantations in the region of the Llanos Orientales in Colombia. Aceites Finos S.A.S. is a company which dedicates to the manufacture of oils and margarines for the industrial consumption.  It has 11 years of experience in the market, throughout which it has presented a great transformation in the administrative areas as well as in the level of production and customer service both inside and outside the company.

  • Missión

To give the highest level of satisfaction to our clients with our food products which contribute to a wholesome health of the consumers, with quality, trust, innovation and added value attributes.

Always guide by a great sense of responsibility with our clients, work groups, the environment and engaged with our country.

  • Vissión

Be recognized by the year 2020 as a leader company in innovation and development of products based on vegetable oils for the food industry, whilst still being a part of the best edible fats and oils-producing companies.


Quality Policy

The company Aceites Finos S.A.S. is a company dedicated to the manufacturing of margarines based on edible oils, through the appropriate methods which guaranty the quality of the products, satisfying the needs of the clients, and this way assuring the profitability of the company, throughout the development of new products and the continuous improvement of the processes.