- Excess in volume:
Too much time of fermentation, low salt level, low temperature oven, too much dough weight for the pan’s volume or old dough.

- Colourless bread crust:
Old dough, low temperature oven, not baked enough, low level of sugar, low humidity in the growing layer or excess in fermentation.

- Blisters in the crust:
Dough not properly knead, neglect in the pan, little fermentation, excess of humidity in the growing chamber.

- Burst bread:
Excess of Improvers, dough is too hard, too much dough for the pan, temperature too high for the growing chamber.

- Little gloss on the cover:
Low level of work of the dough, excess of margarine in the dough, lack of vapour in the oven or crust formation in the growing chamber.

- Bad taste:
Formula not properly balanced, bad quality ingredients, too much fermentation of the dough, improper storage of the raw materials, low level of salt, wrong procedure of production or rancid fats.

- Crumb:
Improper molding, dough over knead, weak flour, low level of fermentation or excess of fat in the cutters.

- Rough and uneven crumb:
Dough over knead, weak flour, hard dough, lack of fat, low temperature of oven  or lack fermentation.

- Short  shelf life:
Low level of sugar, too little fat, low temperature of oven, excess of water, incorrect procedures of production.

- Lack of volume:
Flour with low percentage of proteins, unbalanced formula, excess of salt or improvers, short or long work time, low or high level of fermentation, low level of water absorption in the flour or dough’s weight is too low for the pan’s volume



- Peak is too far up in the centre:
Low level of sugar, too little fat, not enough quantity of baking powder, temperature of the oven too high, flour is too strong or too much water in the formula.

- Low volume level:
Low quantity of baking powder, watery dough, dough is too strong or the temperature of the oven is too high.

- It sinks during baking:
Bad quality eggs, not enough eggs, badly treated inside the oven, oven temperature is too low, unbalanced formula or too much baking powder.

- Uneven screening:
Insufficient mixing time, uneven heat in the oven or uneven floor in the oven.

- Bad taste:
Bad quality eggs, baking powder or margarine. Dirty pans contaminated flour or incorrect procedures of production.

- Short shelf life:
Lack of margarine, eggs or sugar, bad quality ingredients, unbalanced formula, too much or too little time in the oven.

- Cake slices on top:
Flour is too strong, lack of margarine, dough is too dry, low quantity of baking powder or oven temperature is too high.

- Big holes or tunnels in the cake:
Flour is too hard, not enough mixing time, low level of sugar or baking powder with lumps.